• Nathan Kennedy
  • Nikau Ferguson-Spence
  • Quinn Thorsnes

This is a tower defence game where you play as an alchemist, combining elements to cast spells. These spells will give you the power to face off against waves of goblins and other monsters assaulting your fort.

There is a large variety of spells with different effect to discover and play around with. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: if this is your first time playing, go through the tutorial first.


  • Use the mouse to navigate navigational and context menus
  • A/Q/W/E/D keys to select elements
  • left click to cast spells
  • right click to remove walls
  • p/tab to pause

Known issues

  • Walls and Towers built by the player can sometimes be unsellable
  • Possible to cast placeable spells off grid by clicking in specific ways
  • Trying to access pause menu with p/tab crashes game in the tutorial