BlackLight game

Blacklight is a top down atmospheric survival horror with light and vision based combat mechanics. You play as Richard Johnson, a heroic scavenger who is exploring an abandoned military facility. Equipped with only his trusty pistol and a pair of night vision goggles, Richard must make good use of the few remaining infrared lights in the facility and remain wary of his surroundings as he traverses the facility and discovers why it was abandoned.

Color Bind

Color Bind game

Color Bind is a tower defense game in which you play as the last Light of the world who can build Light Towers, trying to restore the color to the world. Shades have stolen away the color from the world, and are coming after you for your white light. Defend yourself, and push them back!

Doctor Voltz

Doctor Voltz game

Doctor Voltz is a puzzle platformer in which you play as a mad scientist that has accidentally swapped his body with that of his genetically modified pet electric gecko. Aided by his new electrically charged gecko body, the Doctor must escort his human body through the dangerous trap-filled lab in order to make it back to the Mind-Swap-O-Matic safely.


Forsaken game

Forsaken is a top down Hack n Slash where the player, Proteus, a greek demigod with the ability to shapeshift has been cursed by the gods and has lost his original form. Proteus is now a formless ghost who has to kill off hoardes of mythological creatures to lift his curse and regain his form. Can you defeat Zeus and gain your original form back?


Rebirth game

Rebirth is a top-down puzzle game where you play as a king whose castle has been sacked by a rival kingdom. After seeking the help of an evil witch and learning how to travel through time, you must advance through the castle to complete puzzles involving jumping between two time periods of the castle's history, to warn your past self about the attack.

Voodoo Mansion

Voodoo Mansion game

Voodoo Mansion is a top down shoot 'em up style horror game where you play as Big Jim, a police-officer who returns home only to find that a mysterious force has taken over his childhood home. You must traverse the mansion fighting enemies at every corner.

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