Dungeon Rage

Dungeon Rage game

Dungeon Rage is a top down shooter with a fantasy theme based around magic, with a unique rage mechanic and a minor story element. Dungeon Rage is focused around the main protagonist who becomes overcome with rage and vengeance after the destruction of his village. Chasing after the evil mage into a dungeon the protagonist unlocks ways to utilize his rage thanks to the help of a mysterious shadow. In Dungeon rage you have the option of playing the main story talked about above or an endless mode where the player can test their skills on endless hordes of enemies.


Erupted game

Erupted is a two-dimensional platformer game where the player controls Magmite, a lava creature that has just been ejected from its volcanic home by an eruption. The player must return Magmite to the volcano by navigating the levels and destroying obstructions or enemies with it's lava projectiles, but be careful as Magmite only has so much lava.

Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels game

Head Over Heels is a story-driven 2D puzzle platformer where you play as a hopeless romantic who controls gravity to pursue their love. Gameplay involves navigating platforms (stationary and moving), running on walls and ceilings, and dodging spikes.


Incorporated game

Incorporated is a fast-paced top-down shooter set in a dystopian cyberpunk world. Forced against his will by the desperate tech giant RennCorp, players embody the Restructurer, tasked with dismantling rival company Anvi Dynamics, one floor at a time. Engage in high-octane gameplay as you navigate through the towering skyscraper, eliminating all who stand in your path. Your journey culminates in a climactic showdown with Anvi Dynamics' CEO, where the fate of corporate dominance hangs in the balance.

Merry Madness

Merry Madness game

Merry Madness is a chaotic festive themed endless runner game where you play as an elf on the run from an evil Santa. Your goal is to blast through enemies and rack up as many points as you can while escaping Santa's wrath.

Project: Liberate Owheo

Project: Liberate Owheo game

Project: Liberate Owheo is a rogue-like card game where you play as a disgruntled undergraduate at the University of Otago, who’s graduation was interrupted by an AI takeover. You must fight through various enemies that have been animated by the AI, in order to claim your degree and finally graduate. The game features twenty total cards each with their own unique art, that can be collected by completing combat encounters, or by getting lucky in mystery encounters. Discover and take on a variety of different enemies that use their own custom decks, and face our three unique boss fights to complete the game. Procedural map generation, random mystery encounters, and the random drop chance of cards, makes the game ideal for replayability. Can you defeat the AI and finally claim your degree?


ReSaddle game

ReSaddle is a turn-based rougelite where you play as a centaur who's on a quest to reclaim his human body, stolen from you by a powerful foe. You play through a procedurally generated set of encounters, focused mainly on combat where you defeat enemies and gain gold. This can be used to upgrade weapons at the shop, or purchase new weapons as you try to become strong enough to defeat the final boss - a fearsome creature with the head of a horse and your human body. You progress along a branching path, which also offers the opportunity for random encounters. In these encounters, the player will meet some inhabitants of this fantasy world, in events which could bring great fortune but harbour great risks.

Rogue Waves

Rogue Waves game

Set sail on a thrilling journey across the high seas in RogueWaves, a captivating 2D pirate-themed game. Command your very own pirate ship and engage in exhilarating turn-based combat against rival vessels. With projectile shooting and ship movement phases, each battle promises a strategic and immersive experience.

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