Alien Interplanetary Defence

Alien Interplanetary Defence game

Alien Interplanetary Defence is a multi level tower defence style game. You play as the defending aliens who are under attack by the evil colonising humans. The aim is to defend your final base by putting down towers that will automatically shoot at the enemies. You must you strategical placement of your towers and careful money management to try and successfully defend your home.

Bullets vs Beelzebub

Bullets vs Beelzebub game

Bullets vs Beelzebub is a top-down shooter where you play an angel rampaging through Hell, fighting off waves of demons. You begin the game equipped with an SMG (submachine gun) but can upgrade to a machine gun and minigun as the level progresses. When demons die they may drop hearts or souls, which restore your health or can be exchanged for upgrades respectively. After your score has reached 10,000 points, you must face the Demon Prince of Hell, Beelzebub. If you defeat Beelzebub, the true ending of the game is unlocked, and if you want to continue your rampage to max out your score you are free to do so. At the end of the game, your score will be uploaded to the leaderboards so you can measure your progress against other players.


Hibernation game

Hibernation is a cosy 2D top-down adventure RPG which follows a young hedgehog trying to get their burrow ready for their first winter living alone. Meet new friends, learn recipes, and master crafts to make your burrow as cosy as possible for upcoming hibernation! There are no punishment mechanics in this game - do as much or as little as you wish.

Journey to the Soul

Journey to the Soul game

Journey to the Soul is a 2D story-based combat game following the journey of a Grim Reaper trying to become human again and get back to his family in the afterlife. Guided by an unseen voice, he and his sidekick must travel on a treacherous journey to piece together both his soul and his past.

No Man's Land

No Man's Land game

Your brother is alone, lost in the forest. Hopefully you find him before they do.


Progeny game

Progeny is an eerie side-scroller shooter with a story told through flashbacks, where you control a mysterious man who lost his memory. The game features fast-paced combat, set in a town void of other peopleā€¦ only mutant enemies, and something else far scarier lurking deep in the dark.


Solar game

Solar is a side scrolling game where you play as Scrap, the newly self-aware robot, you must venture through the factory you have toiled in for years. Seeking the technician that left you in the sun so he can answer your many questions, you must avoid the accidental damage other robots might cause you, and the intentional damage the humans and a select few of their combat robots will cause you, all while making sure your battery pack never runs too low. The solar panel on your head will slowly recharge your battery pack when you are standing in direct light beams, and sunlight will charge your battery faster than artificial light.

Terrain Tamer

Terrain Tamer game

Terrain Tamer is a fun, casual 2D driving side scroller, where players will need to manage resources and fine tune their vehicle to be able to traverse through obstacles to reach the checkered flag. Terrain Tamer tests the capabilities of players through their driving skill, engineering design and asset management. Players have the ability to customise their vehicles as they see fit using our tuning menu, and will need to adapt from failures to design a vehicle that will overcome the treacherous track.

Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt game

Witch Hunt is an endless runner in which the goal is to collect as many coins as possible while also avoiding obstacles and flying mobs. During the day your powers are limited, but come night time, you can take to the skies and fly on your beloved broom. As with all things magical, the weird and wonderful also appear at night, so be careful to avoid the mobs.

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