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A Heavy Heart

A Heavy Heart game

A Heavy Heart is a puzzle platformer in which you play as an advanced android with the ability to manipulate your own gravity and that of other objects in the world. These powers will assist you on your journey to replace your failing power source by proceeding through the Neon Labyrinth by solving its' gravity puzzles.

Feline Felony

Feline Felony game

Feline Felony is a stealth based platformer where you play as a literal 'cat burglar'. You hide, sneak and distract your way through a human's house to steal an old cat bell for your cat friend 'Alister' who used to live there. Don't get caught though or it's straight off to the SPCA with you!



Lost Below is an atmospheric underwater survival game. You play as a lost diver, alone in an unforgiving alien cave system. Explore claustrophobic caves, encounter alien fish, manage your oxygen and maneuver through other obstacles that may block your way to the surface and safety.

Oberth Effect

Oberth Effect game

Oberth Effect is a top-down space shooter where you guide your out-of-control spaceship across the galaxy by firing your gun to steer, utilising planets and wormholes to avoid hazards.


Spinball game

It's pinball, with a twist. Spinball is our take on classic 2d pinball. In our game, the player is given the ability to rotate the board, granting greater control over the ball



Varitum is a physics based puzzle-platformer game. You are a space cadet who has crash landed on a foreign planet, armed only with a high tech gun which can manipulate the effect of gravity on inanimate objects. Navigate across the planet using your gravity gun to overcome obstacles, make it to an escape pod, and return home.


Villainy game

Villainy is a reverse tower defence game where you send minions to overcome tower defences. With 5 minions under your control and 3 spells at your disposal begin your quest for world domination!!

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