Bouncy Ball


  • Bella Gao - Level Designer
  • James Bird-Sycamore - General programmer and level design
  • Nicholas Greene - UI designer, sound/music, and general programmer
  • Rebekah Fox - Art and animation

Bouncy Ball is a 2D, puzzle platformer in which you control a bouncy ball that has its size changed by temperature in the environment. These changes in size are used to get through obstacles, navigate ball-loving dogs, and avoid hazards throughout the five levels.


  • Use the arrow keys or WASD to control the player. Hold the up key or space to bounce. Press the down key to stop bouncing.
  • There are sources of heat and cold throughout the levels that will change the size of the ball.
  • You must collect a minimum amount of stars in a level to unlock the finish. If you collect all the stars in a level, you get a trophy.
  • Dogs can not kill the ball when it is big, rather the dogs push the ball some distance; you must use this to your advantage to get to high areas.
  • ESC is used to pause the game. From the pause menu, you can restart the level and go back to the main menu.

Known issues

  • Sometimes the ball floats in the air on respawn. Usually this resolves itself when the ball touches the ground.
  • The player can sometimes get stuck to its platform, you can move but you can not jump. You can avoid this by making the ball bounce onto its platform.
  • In any case the ball is stuck, press escape and select restart to reset the level.