The Annelida Case


  • Andy Randell
  • Craig Thomas
  • Robert Giles

The Annelida Case is a Resource Management Game, which is set in a Submarine at the bottom of the ocean. The mission is to repair the Submarine by collecting scrap in an explorer vessel and then return to the surface.

The resources that need to be managed in order to survive are Oxygen, Water, Food, Morale and Scrap. To increase the odds of survival, research can be done to improve efficiency of resources. There are 6 Crew Members to control. Each Crew Member can be assigned one of numerous tasks to keep the Submarine going. Each Crew Member must sleep and consume food to survive. hazards throughout the five levels.


  • We recommend playing in Full Screen
  • This game is purely controlled by mouse movements and left click.
  • We suggest playing the tutorial first to learn how to play the game.
  • Areas <ul> <li>The main area is set is in the submarine, this where the Resource Management systems occur.</li> <li>The explorer areas where scrap and food collected are: a Sunken Pirate Ship, a Sunken Submarine and a Sunken Naval Ship.</li> </ul></li>

Known issues

  • Completing Tutorial and Then Playing Main Game Can sometimes cause issues with various resources.
  • Sometimes after exploring previously completed research bars appear non-completed but are still green. They are still completed.
  • In the tutorial the "Next" button does not appear green when it should be but is still interactable.
  • Crew Members sometimes don't stand at the right position in the room and will stand on top of each other.
  • The UI sometimes does not scale correctly if the screen is too small. We recommend playing in fullscreen mode to view the UI correctly
  • A grey rectangle sometimes appears in the bottom left corner in fullscreen mode due to a pop-up bug.
  • The game will continue to warn you that research progress is finished despite having no more unfinished research tasks.


  • Background Image:
  • Fish and Mines ANSIMUZ - UnderWater Diving - Unity Asset Store
  • Destroyable Crates:
  • Lantern and Submarine Light:,
  • Various Sounds - Enemy/Alarms and Some Artwork:
  • Music for Ending: